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On the hunt for gangstersCrime time in the SIKUWORLD: Prison escape. The gangsters have used cable attached to a Dodge RAM 1500 to tear out a wall and help their accomplices to flee. The prison yard is brightly lit. The police arrives in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with box body, the officers exchange shots with the gangsters, and hit the big pick-up in the side doors. But the gangsters still manage to escape. In the SIKUWORLD, the Light & Sound module creates a scene worth filming. The SIKUWORLD is growing thanks to the new police station. The three-floor building can be assembled by following the clearly illustrated instructions. From the assembly parts, individual buildings can be created in L or U form, or the parts can be built up into a multi-storey building. The modular structure and the stability of the push-fit system give children full scope for creativity. Here, the siku push-fit system encourages the child’s motor and cognitive skills. The ability to create something without the help of adults also reinforces self-confidence.The SIKUWORLD police station is compatible with the other sets in the SIKUWORLD, but it can also be played with on its own. Construction elements such as walls with barred windows for the police recreation and service areas and for the cell block are included. In typical siku style, the three-floor building with a roof terrace is fitted out in detail with aerial, trap door, ladders, a searchlight with afterglow, satellite system, table and chairs, and a monitoring camera. And of course you can extend the vehicle fleet with the many police vehicles. construction time: 30 minutes

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Attention: Not suitable for children under 36 months. We reserve the right to make colour and technical changes. Original photos and prototypes are used in part to represent the novelties. Deviations from the delivery condition of the model are possible.