Product information "Mio Mounty"
For Mio and Mounty, even the highest mountains are no challenge. They always want to go higher, and together they will do that. They are friends with the marmots, and know where the eagle has its nest. In the evenings, they sit around the camp fire and plan their adventures.Exciting, top quality toy for children from 18 months and upwards, with friction motor (flywheel motor) to encourage fine motor skills, perseverance, patience, and for having fun. The Mio play figure has movable parts: head can be turned, arms can be raised, and legs can be bent. The Mounty vehicle can be divided into three parts and combined with other Toddys vehicles. Mounty has a second seat which is reserved for Mio’s friends. Mio Mounty is compatible with components from other manufacturers. siku “Click&Play” system: easy to combine thanks to the twist-and-push system of the vehicle parts
Series: Toddys

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Here comes the ideal playtime fun for children aged 1-5. Children discover their world a little more every day - with the Toddys they sink completely into their world, you can hear them humming, whizzing, tooting and telling stories. Play is highly focussed and at the same time very individual. The play options are adapted to the different stages of development, making the Toddys a sustainable and meaningful companion for children's play world. - Toddys are safe, versatile and lots of fun to play with.

Endless fun guaranteed!

Vehicles and aeroplanes with classic friction motors that fit perfectly in small children's hands. In great colours and with a loving design, the Toddys fascinate girls and boys alike. Every child can learn the siku Click Play system with ease. And the child will soon be able to put the Toddys together on their own. The Toddys can of course also be combined with each other. Sometimes very small, sometimes super long and colourfully mixed, there are no limits to creativity and endless fun is guaranteed for very young and older children alike. They are also convincing in terms of quality, stability and, last but not least, their compatibility with the wider world of building blocks, which opens up long-term, varied play for children.

For children between 1 and 5

1 year
The friction motor and tactile stimuli
With the classic friction motor and the perfect shape for children's hands, the little ones become mobile.

2 years
The siku Click Play system
From around 2 years, children love to do puzzles. Now they start to explore the siku Click Play system and take the toddlers apart and put them back together again.

3 years
The combination options encourage creativity
The combination options encourage creativity Children can now build a wide variety of combinations and connect any number of Toddys together to create new long or short vehicles.

4-5 years
Extended play through first role play
At around 4 years, the focus is on creative play with figures and combined vehicles. Children immerse themselves deeply in their play world through role play.  

The Toddys encourage both the individual age groups and interaction between children of different ages.

Honoured as a Top 10 toy and as category winner for the youngest children with the Golden Rocking Horse, among others

We reserve the right to make color and technical changes. Original photos and prototypes are sometimes used to present the innovations. Deviations from the delivery condition of the model are possible.