Product information "New Holland T7.315 with front loader, Bluetooth app control and remote control unit"
The New Holland T7.315 is the star of the Heavy Duty range: 6.7 litres, 6 cylinders, 313 HP. The powerful yet economical engine means that the large tractor is a real allrounder in the fields and on the road. With its front loader, the New Holland T7.315 becomes the preferred work unit in the farmyard. Using the SIKUCONTROL remote control module, the 5 gears, 12 LEDs, and numerous tractor functions, such as the rear coupling, can be controlled. The rear-wheel drive and the steering are proportionally controlled. In addition, the arm of the front loader and the loader itself can be moved realistically. The loading arm can also be fitted with a pallet fork, thus converting the front loader into a forklift. During lifting movements, the fork is automatically maintained horizontally. Using the Bluetooth remote control module, all SIKUCONTROL tractors equipped with Bluetooth technology can be controlled. The controller offers many options for pros: steering, driving, electronic rear coupling for attached devices and trailers, on/off headlights, on/off rear indicators, on/off flashing lights, and the control of several tractors by means of a single remote control module.
Scale: 1:32

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More Details

Number of LEDs 12 Number of LEDs
Headlights Headlights
Rear light Rear light
Indicator and hazard warning lights Indicator and hazard warning lights
Flashing beacon Flashing beacon
Number of gear boxes 5 Number of gear boxes
Adjustable steering Adjustable steering
Adjustable driving performance Adjustable driving performance
Front lader Front lader
Lifting/lowering front loader Lifting/lowering front loader
Data interface for additional equipment Data interface for additional equipment
Battery Battery
Electronically operated rear coupling Electronically operated rear coupling
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