Product information "3-axled low loader"
Transporting particularly heavy loads like construction machines, tractors, or bridge components is possible only by means of a special low loader. The EURO low loaders from the Dutch manufacturer Nooteboom are considered to be the most robust on the market. Thanks to the hydraulic steering, the heavy special transporters also manoeuvre outstandingly well. The 3-axle low loader from siku is also based on the Eurotrailer from Nooteboom. The semi-trailer takes the form of a low bed, and at the rear is an electronic ramp for loading the heavy cargo more easily. The low loader’s chassis is made of metal, and the superstructure is plastic. Support feet can be extended manually for additional stability when stationary. There are four LEDs at the rear: two red running lights and two indicators. The low loader is connected by a cable fitted with a jack plug to the appropriate Bluetooth prime mover from the SIKU CONTROL range, such as an HGV or a tractor. This in turn can be controlled very simply using the SIKU CONTROL app or a suitable remote control module.

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