Product information "John Deere 7290R on duals with Bluetooth app control"
Tractor with twin tyres and app controlModern tractors are equipped with digital technology, in order to cultivate the land as efficiently as possible. And the new SIKUCONTROL John Deere 7290R uses the latest digital technology: The tractor is controlled using a smartphone or tablet. The SIKU APP and Bluetooth technology make this possible. The many functions of the new tractor promise playing fun for tractor drivers who are young or young at heart. With its twin tyre sets, the powerful representative of the latest 7R range from John Deere creates an imposing appearance. If the ground is soft, the twin tyre sets reduce the pressure on the ground. The tyres are connected using magnets which are securely integrated in the rims and connect the tyres securely. This technology is to date unique for remote-controlled tractors. The tyres can therefore be fitted and removed very quickly and without tools. The John Deere 7290R can be driven with normal tyres, with twin tyres on front and rear axles, or with twin tyres on the rear axle only. The SIKUCONTROL tractor made from metal with plastic parts is distinguished not only by its numerous features, but also by the love of detail so treasured by fans. All functions, as well as the tractor’s three gears, are controlled by means of the app. Can be controlled either via the virtual joystick or the movement and inclination sensors of the mobile devices. This intuitive feature is a welcome change. Just like coupling and uncoupling the trailers and attached devices, precise manoeuvring can be performed using the app. For this, the rear coupling is electronically controlled. The headlights on the bonnet, the floodlights on the cab, the rear indicators, and the flashing lights can be switched on and off by means of the app. The SIKU APP also provides tractor fans with useful information about the John Deere 7290R. A name for the tractor can also be stored. The setting and functions of the app are updated continuously. Using the app’s OTA (Over-The-Air) function, the tractor’s software can be updated directly. As an alternative to the SIKU APP, the tractor can also be controlled using the Bluetooth remote control module.
Scale: 1:32

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More Details

Number of LEDs 14 Number of LEDs
Headlights Headlights
Rear light Rear light
Indicator and hazard warning lights Indicator and hazard warning lights
Flashing beacon Flashing beacon
Number of gear boxes 3 Number of gear boxes
Adjustable steering Adjustable steering
Adjustable driving performance Adjustable driving performance
Data interface for additional equipment Data interface for additional equipment
Battery Battery
Electronically operated rear coupling Electronically operated rear coupling
Attention: Not suitable for children under 36 months. We reserve the right to make colour and technical changes. Original photos and prototypes are used in part to represent the novelties. Deviations from the delivery condition of the model are possible.