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The Toddys are coming to siku

From spring 2020 - new playing fun for children from 18 months upwards

Together with their happy drivers and pilots, lovingly and imaginatively designed vehicles and aircraft experience exciting stories. In the well-known siku quality and provid-ing so much playing fun, the Toddys support the develop-ment of small children from 18 months upwards. The Tod-dys encourage cognitive and motor skills, as well as speech development. With age-appropriate functionality and accompanying stories, the Toddys also support social-ly interactive play, concentration, and perseverance.

For the market launch, 12 Toddys by siku will drive in: from Bet-ty Blinky to Zoe Zoomy. Figures with movable arms, legs, and friendly faces - in imaginative vehicles and aircraft. These cre-ate exciting, action-packed stories. In addition to the forms and colours of the Toddys, tactile features like fluting and soft knobs animate children, especially from 18 months upwards, to play and therefore to comprehension.

And they do even more than that because, using the siku click*play system, the Toddys are made up of two or three components. In addition to perseverance and concentration, the twist-and-push system above all promotes the children’s motor skills. The audible click when the pieces interlock successfully is not only a confirmation of success for the children, but it also guarantees a stable connection of the vehicle parts.

These can be released again in exactly the same way, and combined with the components of other Toddys, thus continually creating new characters. The seat and the figures can be com-bined with the familiar components from other manufacturers. Combining the names also stimulates understanding of speech. One thing is common to them all: the friction motor in the rear - simply push and let it go! There are 4 Toddys which have light and sound functions, and promise additional playing fun.