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Money transporter

Nr. 1926, 1:50
Armoured steel crew compartment, a powerful 4x4 LKW chassis, and the very latest protection technology – the Rheinmetall Survivor money transporter is a special vehicle in a class of its own. After all, it is intended for important special deployments and for the transport of especially valuable or sensitive loads. Whether banknotes, jewellery, important works of art, or controversial documents – in the armoured crew steel compartment the exclusive load is 100 percent protected. The money transporter from siku comes in unobtrusive metallic blue, and the logo “Global Security” is applied to the sides. The doors on both sides and at the rear can be opened. With the sheets of stickers provided, the vehicle can be configured even further, for example with “Transport of money and valuables” and “Monitored by GPS” in various languages. For especially realistic playing fun, the set also includes four small gold bars and four cardboard sheets with further play components. These display various loads, such as bags of money, cash boxes, paintings, and certificates. The preprinted components can simply be pressed out of the cardboard sheets and stowed in the transporter. Special highlight: Two of the cardboard sheets are preprinted, and the other two include only the outlines, so the individual components can be coloured and creatively designed by the user.

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