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Scott, a 13 year old SIKU fan, used geocaching to send his SIKU toy vehicle on a journey from New Zealand. A year and a half, 1,872 stopovers, and almost 31,000 kilometres later, it arrived in the SIKU//WIKING Modellwelt!

At first glance, it is a completely normal SIKU toy vehicle, which simply seems to have had quite a lot of use. In fact, this model has travelled a greater distance than many real cars. On 8 October 2015, Scott started his SIKU police car on its journey by means of geocaching, and set finders the task of bringing it from one “cache” (hiding place) to another, until it reached its end destination of Lüdenscheid. Basically, geocaching is a modern variation on the childhood game of a treasure hunt. The only thing new about today’s “Treasure Hunt, version 2.0” is that it now uses up-to-the-minute modern technology - the GPS device. In this way, hidden objects are searched for and passed on using GPS coordinates.

The then 11 year old wanted his SIKU vehicle to be welcomed to the Modellwelt by the managing director, Ms Britta Sieper, and exhibited there. One and a half years later, on 2 April 2017, a family from Gummersbach discovered the SIKU vehicle in a hiding place at Eltz castle. Because Gummersbach is very close to us, the SIKU vehicle had therefore almost reached its end destination. The family brought the SIKU vehicle to the SIKU//WIKING Modellwelt, where it was received by Britta Sieper.

Since then, it has been possible to admire the model in its own showcase, where its route from New Zealand via China, Scandinavia, and the Baltic to Lüdenscheid is documented. It is certainly well worth a visit, because when else would you see a SIKU vehicle which has travelled 31,000 kilometres round the world?