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Something big is rolling on chains to the toy construction site. The new crawler excavator from the Liebherr marque sets new standards in terms of size, weight and functionality in the SIKUCONTROL32 series.

Liebherr R980 SME crawler excavator (#6740): Excavator jobs like the pros
The metal and plastic 2.4 GHz RC item weighs in at over 2 kg. Overall six electronic high performance drive mechanisms with proportional steering power this massive RC vehicle safely and precisely to its destination. The right and left side of the track tractor chassis is moved individually with proportional steering to move the excavator precisely to the required position. The excavator is powered by a remote control unit. This command centre means the excavator driver stays in control of all functions. The new joystick steering elements recreate the real steering capacity of an original excavator. The new steering makes precise commands to excavate, attach, spread and stop no problem at all.

Colourful parking on 3 levels
SIKUWORLD is going up! The car park (#5505) on 3 levels, which stands proud in SIKUWORLD, is a child-friendly and colourful addition in the SIKU world of play. It can easily be integrated with SIKUWORLD or used as a freestanding car park. The set contains an orange coloured Porsche cabrio that travels on the lift from the upper to lower level to use one of the spacious and numbered parking lots. The exit is fast because the lift travels non-stop from the top to the bottom level and exit barriers. Simple and robust push connections make it possible to set up and disassemble quickly at any time.

High-speed hybrid & the bull is coming!
The SIKU sports car fleet gains an exceptional model with the BMW i8 (#1458). The sophisticated black and white lacquerwork perfectly showcases the supercar design of this sports car. With its space ship look the Lamborghini Veneno (#1485) puts on a mean show of power and speed. A V12 with 750 HP and a top speed of 355 km/h make this car difficult to stop even on the toy racing circuit.

Delivery is expected in March 2017
Art. 1458 BMW i8
Art. 1485 Lamborghini Veneno
Art. 3507 Manitou MHT 10230 telehandler
Art. 3661 Front loader accessories
Art. 5506 Heliport
Art. 5591 City Life

Delivery is expected in 2017
Art. 6740 Liebherr R980 SME crawler excavator
Art. 6857 Racetrack set passage
Art. 6858 Racetrack steep turn