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News September 2020

SIKUSUPER, SIKUFARMER, SIKUWORLD and SIKUCONTROL - the novelties of september are in starting position

Vroom! There’s the smell of petrol, oil, and tyre rubber.
McLaren Senna, AMG-Mercedes GT 4, BMW M4 Racing, and a Ford Mustang GT are appearing for the big battle. No, it’s not a scene from a video game - it’s actually an image ofs the playroom, with the latest cars from siku.

Prison escape in the SIKUWORLD
Prison escape in the SIKUWORLD: The gangsters have used cable attached to a Dodge RAM 1500 to tear out a wall and help their accomplices to flee. The searchlight flares up and the prison yard is brightly lit. The police arrives in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with box body, and the officers chase after the gangsters. But the gangsters still manage to escape. In the SIKUWORLD, the Light & Sound module creates a scene worth filming.

Large wheel loader with large bucket
The Claas Torion 1914 is the top range of the Claas wheel loaders. With its high bucket volume and high tipping load, it is ideal for large enterprises and contractors. Of course, in 1:50 scale as well, it can shift a lot of material in the playroom farmyard, thanks to its loading arm with the movable bucket. With its four big wheels with agricultural tread, the wheel loader is well equipped even outside the farmyard. The steering joint makes the big wheels very agile when working on the farm.

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