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New Models June 2019

Beware – excavation pit! SIKUWORLD excavation pit, excavators, and backhoe loaders


Children have a huge fascination for excavation pits. Earth, gravel, sand, and mud – and above all excavators. With the new SIKUWORLD excavation pit and the new SIKU SUPER50 excavators and backhoe loaders, the playroom becomes a major construction site. The plastic set with working machines made of metal with plastic parts demonstrate SIKU’s characteristic love of detail, and play stability.

Ready for take-off
The airport fascinates passengers, whether small or grown-up. A never-ending stream of aircraft landing and taking-off, with tractors and loads coming and going in between. The new SIKU airport set consists of a four-jet commercial aircraft, a catering vehicle for the onboard meals, a trailer with passenger steps, an airport tractor, and a luggage trailer. The height of the luggage trailer can be adjusted by means of a scissors mechanism. Together with the front and rear flaps, this simplifies loading and unloading. These flaps can also be opened. As well as the luggage trailer, the passenger steps made from metal and plastic can also be attached to the airport tractor. But where do the planes take off and land? The set includes a five metre roll of self-adhesive tape, printed with typical markings. This can simply be cut off using scissors; it attaches to smooth floor coverings and short pile carpets. The airport set is an ideal complement to the new SIKUWORLD commercial aircraft (item number 5402).

Extravagant design study with electric motor
The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is the image of an extravagant premium class Grand Coupé. However, the show car also provides the desired “wow effect”: long bonnet, low roof, and a well-proportioned rear. In spite of a 750 HP electric motor, the once-off will never run on the roads, but will be seen as a miniature in 1:50 scale in many playrooms.

Perfectly equipped for overwidth special transports
With its new platform superstructure, the popular SIKUCONTROL set MAN tractor unit with low-loader is perfectly equipped for safely transporting the SIKUCONTROL Liebherr R980 SME caterpillar excavator to the construction site. The superstructure is simply placed onto the low-loader. This widens the platform and also the folding ramp, ready for driving onto. Planks can be placed on the wide platform so that the low-loader can also be used for other overwidth special transports. Stanchions can be inserted for long materials like wood, pipes, or rods. The set includes three stanchion lengths in sets of eight. The platform superstructure is supplemented by a flatbed with a tarp on the location over the coupling. This is where straps, spacer timbers, and cones can be stowed safely.

Tractor combination for professional loaders
With the front loader and the huge shovel, the Massey Ferguson tractor already has an imposing appearance. The front loader is height-adjustable, and the shovel’s tipping angle can be modified. A large conveyor belt with towbar is attached to the trailer coupling. The conveyor belt is height-adjustable and has a mechanical rotary drive, and so the professional loaders can convey the material.

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