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New Items March 2021

The novelties of this year's June package are dominated by the "Limited Editions"

Mercedes-Benz 710 with Kramer 411 Bölling Wheeled Loader
Unforgettable construction site heroes - Almost a million of the Mercedes-Benz with the round bonnet were built. An extraordinary quantity and an extraordinarily long production period: from 1959 to 1996. The truck carried goods, construction materials, and earth during the time of the German economic miracle, and is still in use today all round the world. It was the typical image of the large number of construction sites in Germany. The characteristic bonnet opens, and the flatbed tips. The 100 HP diesel engine pulls a low loader carrying the legendary Kramer 411 all-wheeler. Since the 1950s the yellow wheeled loaders have been moving earth, shifting bulk goods, and transporting pipes or pallets. The combination is in the historic design of the Bölling construction company.

Claas Xerion 5000
The “100 years of Sieper" anniversary model, in matt black and with double tyres, makes an impression! The unique model is a limited edition and appears in June. Using the SIKUCONTROL APP six gears, 22 LEDs, and numerous tractor functions can be controlled from your Smartphone.

The "Style my siku" MINI Countryman "Race" craftwork has been nominated as a Top 10 Toy 2021 for a reason.
Because the fun starts with the unpacking. In just a few steps, a MINI Countryman is created from the individual parts, which can also be covered with cool "race"-stickers.

Two anniversaries – one model
100 years of Sieper and 75 years of Unimog: two anniversaries – one model. The anniversary model of the current series, limited to an edition of 10,000, is painted in typical forest green. The doors are printed with the logo “75 Jahre Unimog” (75 years of Unimog) and the roof is printed with “100 Jahre Sieper” (100 years of Sieper ). As an anniversary model, the universal mini-truck is of course also fitted with a trailer coupling. The development of the universal mini-truck started in 1946 – at that time conceived as a universal farm tractor. A success story grew out of this. The Unimog is considered to be indestructible and suitable for all terrains, and it is therefore used in forestry and agriculture, by fire brigades, and for the emergency services, military, and by relief organisations. Adventurers have used it to climb to heights of 7,000 metres, to cross deserts, and to overcome floods, ice, and snow. 380,000 Unimogs have been built to date, and many are still in service after several decades.

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