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The second delivery of SIKU’s new models focuses on the construction site – particularly the all-rounder “Menzi Muck”.

No site too steep!
The walking excavator (item 3548 | 1:50) from Swiss manufacturer Menzi-Muck is suitable construction machinery for jobs on extremely steep sites. For all excavator jobs on steep slopes and cliffs or mountains and  sites with poor access, the Menzi Muck is the Number One choice.

Manoeuvrable on the smallest sites
The new DW60 from Wacker Neuson (item 3509 | 1:50) is an off-road dumper for small and medium-sized construction sites. A swivel arm in the middle of the dumper makes it ultra manoeuvrable on the smallest site. The model’s special feature is the tipping and also 180 degree swivel metal skip.

Fabulous additions for your SIKUWORLD
For all boat owners and amateur captains in the kids’ playroom, SIKU supplies coordinating waterways (item 5593). Four blue mats simulate water for boats and ships. Boat and shipping traffic needs rules even on waterways in the playroom. The buoys (item 5592) serve as hazard alerts and various traffic signs indicate mooring, bushes and bridges ahead. For the SIKU farm scenery in the kids’ playroom another addition to the vertical silo arrives (item 5698) with a cover made from rubber material and 12 tyres to keep the cover over the supplied granulate material.

New additions are scheduled for release from mid-May. The arrival of the Mercedes-Benz Arocs with tipping trailer (item 3549 | 1:50) has been postponed to July 2016 for technical production reasons. The BMW 520i Touring (item 1459) from March’s new releases will now be supplied to specialist retailers along with May’s new models.