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We’re on location for you and bring you exclusive pictures of the 2018 new models!

We’ve documented all the latest impressions from this year’s International Toy Fair! Be one of the first to take a look at the brand-new designs for SIKU 2018 new models.

Experience adventures just like James Bond

Children love to discover the unknown: on land, sea, and  in the air. With the new SIKU products, children experience exciting adventures just like James Bond. Boat, vehicles, aircraft, and motorbike are highly detailed and equipped with functionality, yet are robust enough for expeditions in the playroom.

Beware - construction site!
Excavators, bulldozers, lorries: Many children are fascinated by construction sites and their powerful vehicles. The new products from SIKU convert the playroom into the children‘s own major construction site. It‘s not just that the vehicles, constructed of metal and stable plastic, are especially ro- bust, but they also thrill the children with realistic functions.

Extremely well equipped helpers
Resilience, experience, and the necessary amount of cour- age for special challenges: That is what distinguishes peo- ple who save other people in emergencies. They represent what is good. Children love these helpers, who are heroes in uniform: Mountain rescuers, fire brigade personnel, police officers, or paramedics. In roleplaying, children absorb the situation and imitate the helpers with enthusiasm. With the new SIKU vehicles and aircraft, they become the heroes of their own stories and are equipped perfectly for the operations.

Play world grows in new dimensions

The SIKUWORLD grows with its garage set. In addition to the city set with petrol station and car-wash, fire station, he- licopter landing site, multistorey car park, and drawbridge, a workshop now also enlivens the life of the city. At the 2018 In- ternational Toy Fair, SIKU is presenting the first SIKUWORLD set with a new intuitive and playstable plugsystem for buil- dings. These can now be extended in all dimensions.

Road racing in the playroom

Vrooom!  With a dull rumble from its 16-cylinder engine,  the Bugatti Chiron rolls streaks past; an Gumpert Apollo is glued to its tail, and a few metres behind lurks an Audi R8. Behind can be seen the blue light of a Porsche 911 Turbo S belonging to the motorway police. Could it be a scene from the film “The Fast and the Furious” or from a computer game? No, it‘s road racing in the playroom, with the latest SIKU sports cars.

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For all new models at a glance – review the new models info sheet available here in PDF format.