Product information "Frank Farmy"
Cock-a-doodle-doo!!!! Frank and the bright orange-green Farmy are woken at dawn by the crowing of the cock, and they get started with their work straight away. The fields have to be tilled, the hay collected, the fences checked, and the animals fed. There is ALWAYS SOMETHING to be done here. After Frank has collected new bales of straw from the barn and loaded them onto Farmy’s trailer, they drive out to the animals. Frank gets on with cleaning out the animal pens and covering them with clean straw from Farmy’s trailer. The sun climbs in the sky, and Frank now spreads the feed for the animals. Frank and Farmy also start to feel hungry now. They’ve been on their feet for hours. Before they drive out to the fields, they have their breakfast to fortify themselves for their next jobs. Exciting, top quality toy for children from 24 months and upwards, with friction motor (flywheel motor) to encourage fine motor skills, perseverance, patience, and for having fun. The Frank play figure has movable parts: The head can be turned, the arms can be raised, and the legs can be bent. The Farmy vehicle can be divided into three parts and combined with other Toddys vehicles. The trailer, with its lid for opening and loading, also stimulates the play experience. Frank Farmy is compatible with components from other manufacturers. siku “Click&Play” system: Easy to combine thanks to the twist-and-push system of the vehicle parts

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