SIKU International product series : a SIKU world tour!


What does a Dutch rescue van look like? What are the colours of French police vehicles attending an emergency scene? Is there a Spanish equivalent for a yellow “ADAC” rescue helicopter? Questions, questions – and SIKU International can provide some fun answers!

SIKU International is all about high value SIKU toy models produced in distinctive, country-specific colours. This makes it much easier to visualize what is really happening on the streets in Europe’s major cities like Paris, Amsterdam, London or Vienna. SIKU International has impressive, realistic and eye-catching designs that also look fabulous alongside their German counterparts. Of course, just like the original versions, these SIKU standard range models are fitted with tried and tested functions like opening doors, extendable ladders or coupling devices. They also team up perfectly with other models in the SIKU range. For instance, the local train item 1646 can be combined with French and Irish models (items 164600700 and 164600100) to create a single long, colourful train.

New additions to the range are five rescue vehicles (item 2108) featuring Spanish, Dutch, Belgian and French designs as well as made in “Great Britain”. This makes nine new rescue vehicles in SIKU’s range of 1:50 scale models to offer another innovative collectors’ theme. Why not make up your own mind? Click here to view the wide variety of available SIKU International models.

Please note: with the exception of country models for Switzerland and New Zealand, which are only available in these countries, any country toy model from the SIKU International range can be purchased at all SIKU specialist retail stores.