Fire engine with ladder, plus book: Special offer in the SIKU online shop


For a playful way to introduce youngsters to the fire station theme, SIKU has teamed up with Ravensburger books to create a fabulous set of fire engine with ladder and a book!

The fire engine with ladder to 1:50 scale is based on the Mercedes-Atego and the original “L32” Metz vehicle family. The toy model is mainly made of die-cast metal, with rotating and multi-folding ladder as well as four extending supports. Smart designwork rounds off this superb model.

This set includes the toy fire engine and the Ravensburger book all about “The Fire Station” – which team will leave the fire station first? How are people rescued at a fire scene? What equipment does a fireman carry? Youngsters curious to learn can now find out answers to these and other questions. And the kids can take a hands-on approach thanks to original and adjustable flaps on the toy model – see how Felix Funke arrives at the fire scene as quickly as possible!

Just follow the scenes illustrated in the book and use the fire engine with ladder to help Felix Funke get the job done!

Order now for € 25.99 in the SIKU online shop and claim your additional free toy model, for example, a small water cannon!