September 2010 new models: Coming soon – available from the end of September

Archive News 2010-08-31

New FARMER 1:32 scale highlights

With the fourth new models set, winter is slowly but surely around the corner. The winter service truck (item1309) is a sturdy 3-axle vehicle that's waiting to get to work! The plastic spreader plate and front snow plough will keep the streets clear of snow. But things are looking great out on the slopes, too, thanks to the brand-newsnow tractor (item1897) – an ideal track vehicle for preparing the ski slopes. The child-friendly 1:87 scale model is almost totally made out of die-cast metal. The front spreader plate is rotatable.

Four brand-new super sports cars make sure there's plenty of action downtown!
The new Audi R8 Spyder (item 1316) is an ultimate sports cabrio. The wide tyres give the right grip around corners. The new Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster (item 1318) also races on the level – yet another top-class sports cabrio!
While the top cabrios wait for better weather, another sports legend hits the streets: the new Lamborghini Gallardo (item 1317). The metal body is equally as sturdy as its counterpart: at such top racing speeds, the Italian police Lamborghini Gallardo Italian Police (item1405) is exactly the right show car for high-speed car chases.

Of course, in addition to the sports car, another entirely different vehicle will be out on the city streets: the scheduled bus (item 1894). The detailed workmanship on this 1:87 scale model runs on true-to-original wheels with rubber tyres. The streamline plastic body design with tinted windows and eye-catching HARIBO lettering ensures a refined look.

The new agile Liebherr crawler excavator(item 3536) is ready to get to work lifting heavy stone on construction sites. The machine is almost entirely made of die-cast metal and equipped with multiple play functions. The body is rotatable. The crane arm is height-adjustable using a swivel lever. The shovel can also be raised and lowered using another lever. The shovel automatically opens when lowered and closes again when raised.

Things are also on the move in the countryside! The new 1:50 scale models are coming!
The 1:50 scale New Holland T7070 (item 1978) is another tractor being introduced in the new agricultural segment. The model is kept simple, sturdy and price-effective with an outstanding look, as well as being a child-friendly scale model. The new Joskin silage vehicle (Art.1965) is the perfect trailer for all 1:50 FARMER models like the New Holland.

The highlight for all 1:32 scale FARMER collectors and fans.
The Claas Xerion 5000 (item 3271) is an impressive continuation of the traditional Claas brand in the segment of powerful and sturdy large-sized tractors. SIKU now produces this powerful, but beautifully crafted original to 1:32 scale as an authentic toy model. In addition to proven features such as the steering mechanism, opening engine bonnet and SIKU coupling devices, this model is fitted with two universal lighting systems on the cabin roof and with folding mirrors. The cabin is fully glazed and removable. Original detail wheel rims and tyres with agricultural track complete the look of this high-end model.

There's space to transport tractors like the Claas Xerion here: the 1:32 scale Scania tower truck with 3-axle low loader (item 3295). The truck is almost entirely produced in die-cast metal with original detail finish. Steering is possible using a lever behind the driver’s cabin. The coupler can be electronically opened and shut.

There's more work to do in the forest!
That’s no problem for the John Deere Forwarder (item 4061).
The 4-axle John Deere Forwarder transports harvested tree trunks across inaccessible terrain to the logistics depot. The model is fitted with a rotating and manoeuvrable loading crane. Tree trunks can be loaded and unloaded – exactly as in real life!
The freight carriage (item 1072) is a brilliant addition. Front and rear coupling systems make the model easy to link to several freight locomotives, which can be coupled to model #1653 freight train.

The Claas Xerion (item 3271) and the Citybus (item 1894) will be released in October.
The models John Deere 8345R CONTROL (items 6772/73), crawler excavator (item 1891),Claas harvester (item 1991) will be released in November – wait for a separate announcement. The plough CONTROL (item 6783) will not be released now until early 2011 due to technical production reasons.