July 2010 new models: Now available at specialist toy dealers

Archive News 2010-06-21

The launch of the New Holland brand! Small and child-friendly to 1:87 scale – this top tractor offers loads of impressive details!

The launch of the New Holland brand! Small and child-friendly to 1:87 scale – this top tractor offers loads of impressive details!
A legend makes a comeback to the streets and in the kids' playroom: the new VW Scirocco. The sleek model features original details and is designed with smooth-running sports wheels.
The brand-new Gumpert Apollo is just slightly more sporty!
This 100% racing car is a showstopper with its opening winged-doors.

The new friendly design of the scheduled bus has smooth-running wheels and a practical format. The truck with tipper trailer also fits this specification: a 3-axle chassis and metal driver's cabin make this model perfect for all miniature construction sites.

American flair makes its appearance with the world-famous New Yorker yellow cab. The Dodge Charger's metal body with opening doors and taxi sign on the roof guarantees maximum stability for enthusiastic play.

All change – from the tracks to the high seas:
The "pocket-format" switch engine with freight carriage features original details and design work. The open freight carriage with metal chassis and sturdy plastic body is coupled with the locomotive. With the right coupling system, this loco can also be coupled with other trailers. A completely new innovation is the cruise liner to the exceptional scale of 1:1400. The AIDALuna's real-life length of over 250 metres is reduced to a more child friendly scale. The metal stern and plastic body make this model eye-catching with the distinctive, colourful AIDA paintwork. This model does NOT float.

The multi-folding flexible crane is very easy to manoeuvre, flexible and suitable for all jobs on the construction site. The driver's cabin and rotatable crane body are made of metal. The indispensable winter service vehicle is the 3-axle winter service truck with spreader. The spreader plate at the front is rotatable.

SIKU's traditional FARMER32 series is always gaining new additions:
The Joskin 3-axle tipping trailer is a mighty model. The metal chassis has large and high-volume agricultural track tyres. The tipper trailer with opening rear flap is made from sturdy plastic.
The MF8680 version from the traditional Massey-Ferguson brand is another fabulous addition to powerful and sturdy large-size tractors. SIKU now produces this mighty, but beautifully designed model with original details to 1:32 scale.

SIKU FARMER50 – now more colourful and with more diversity:
The combination of the new Massey-Ferguson MF8690 and Fendt baler is another impressive continuation of the 1:50 scale world of play.

An insider tip for all SIKU FARMER fans: the Claas Axion 850! Only available in a limited edition of 7,777 models and with sophisticated lacquer work, this model is available in a high quality special pack.

The crawler excavator (Item 3536) will be available in September with the delivery of new models to specialist toy retailers.